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Eyebrows :


  • Increase intensity for pale, thin brows.

  • Make a long face look more oval.

  • Make a round face seem narrower.

  • Pull apart close-set eyes.

  • Bring together wide-set eyes.

  • Emphasize exotic, almond shaped eyes.

  • Replace eyebrows lost to shaving or tweezing.


Eyeliner :


  • Wide-set eyes appear to move together.

  • Close-set eyes appear further apart.

  • Small eyes become more prominent.

  • Average eyes seem more exotic.




Micro Needling :


Provides all over skin rejuvenation by increasing production of collagen and elastin, and is recommended for the reduction of: 

  • Acne Scars & Pock Marks - $275

  • Large Pores & Uneven Texture (cheeks only) - $250

  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles - $275

  • Surgical Scarring -Call For Consult

  • Stretch Marks - Call For Consult 

  • Wrinkles Under Eyes - $95 

Lip liner :


  • Gives lips better definition.

  • Creates fuller looking lips.

  • Re-shapes uneven lip lines.

  • Helps prevent "lipstick bleeding".

  • Conceals scars.


Lip color :


  • Adds richness to color that has faded with age.

  • Enhances or changes the shape of lips.

  • Shifts attention from a face that is too long, thin, round or square.

  • Adds a lush redness to bluish lips.


Pigment Lightening:


  • Fades unwanted tattoo.

  • Sofens too harsh of a tattoo.

  • Removes unwanted pigment.

  • Less expensive than Lazer Tattoo Removal.



Permanent beauty marks :


  • Yes, we also apply permanent beauty marks!


Medical Cosmetics ( scar camouflage / aureola simulation):


  • Micropigmentation procedures can compliment physician's services in many areas, including scar camouflage and nipple replacement following reconstructive breast surgery or Face lift scars.



  • Yes believe or not freckles are a thing. If its just enhancing your own or requiring new ones.
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