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Permanent Cosmetics By

 Valerie Milito - Furlan


Schedule of Fees



Micro Blading brows – 3 sessions               620

Powder brow -  3 sessions                          620

Combo brow - 3 sessions                             620

Eyeliner (upper AND lower) - 2 sessions      620

Eyeliner (upper OR lower) - 2 sessions        550

Lip Liner- 2 sessions                                       580

Lip Color – 2 sessions                                     580

Lip Color Wash – 2 session                            400 

Additional Sessions -- within the first  8 weeks of a new set of brows   100.00

Future “touch-up” sessions – beyond first six months or "touch - ups" previously not done By Lasting Beauty  Per session     200.00 to 450.00



Schedule of Fees



Micro Blading brows – per session       200

Powder brow -  per session                   200

Combo brow - per session                     200

Eyeliner (upper AND lower) - per session       200

Eyeliner (upper OR lower) - per session     200

Lip Liner- per session                                 200

Lip Color – per session                          200

Lip Color Wash – per session               200


After years of experience I have learned that everyone reacts in their own way and no two responses to PM is the same. Therefore it is in the best interest of Lasting Beauty and my client to work cautiously.

In rare cases there may be cause for additional session, especially when working  over old work done by another technician that has faded to an unnatural appearance, or correction work. Please understand that I try to be as reasonable as possible when pricing. I strive to be fair honest and dependable, but cannot work for free.

Your makeup should last anywhere from two to five years. If you do the math it’s a pretty good deal!!!

Thank you for your understanding.



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