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Does it hurt ? Pain varies from person to person, depending on your threshold. I do use a topical anesthetic along with a second anesthetic lidocaine with epinephrine. Once that takes affect the area is pretty numb.  The client is quite comfortable. I adjust my pace to the needs of the clients.

How do I choose a color? During the consultation we discuss what the expectations are, what your personal style is, and also an evaluation of your skin to help determine the best choice of color.

Can I wear makeup over the area? Not for the first 72 hours. We broke the blood barrier, the area should be left alone to heal. Make-up harbors bacteria, you do not want to risk an infection.

How do I know when I will need a touch up? The pigment will begin to fade over time. Usually a year to two years.

You will probably start needing to use a pencil after some time. 

Does age matter? Not necessarily. But youthful skin will absolutely respond the best. I have clients that vary in age from 16 to 80. Thin skin tends to need a bit more caution.

How long will it last? Again that varies from person to person depending on the skin type and density. Also skin care products used. The better care you take of the area the longer it will last. Wearing sun screen, refraining from harsh chemicals or scrumbs will help prolong the life of your tattoo.

Can I get the area wet? No, not for the first 7 days. I suggest to wash your hair the day before the procedure or, when washing your hair over the following days, carefully keep your back towards the shower head. By day 7 you can begin to let the warm water flush over the area, rinsing away the dead skin that is ready to come off.

How long does it take to complete the process? Procedures are completed in two, two hour sessions, four/eight weeks apart. You will have the beginning stages of your new cosmetic procedure after the first session. However in order to make them perfect the second session is a must. We fine tune, add, balance and reinforce in order to complete the look

Why wait 4/8 weeks? It is super important to allow the tissue to fully heal before going in the second time or you may run the risk of loosing what was done the first session. 

Cold Sores? It is extreamly important when having lip color done to make sure you PRE MEDICATE if you have ever experienced a cold sore, canker sore, lip blister, Herpes Simplex.

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