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                       Things you should know before during and after your appointment 

  • With physicians approval, if necessary. Refrain from advil, motrin, baby aspirin. These medications are blood thinners and may cause excessive bleeding .

  • If you have been enhancing your brows, wear them in the way you are use to seeing them. This is helpful as it shows the technician the style you are accustomed to and your "Style Personality".

  • Bring along to your appointment the product you use to enhance your brows. This will help when choosing a color.

  • ​Make sure communication is clear.

  • Alcohol the night before may interfere with a goodnight sleep making you more sensitive to pain. 

  • When having eyeliner done remember you cannot wear contact lenses for three full days after the procedure.

  • It's a good idea to stay away from caffeine prior to the procedure. You will want to be relaxed during the procedure.

  • When having eyeliner done the second session typically yields greater results, so be patient if it looks as though you've lost some of the color, after the first application.

  • The body is not an exact science and each client is different. Skin texture, density, color and so on are completely different from person to person. Each individual will heal in there own way, time frame , experience within close proximity experience wise. I have found that some individuals scab while others may not. I have also found that some retain lots of color the first session . Some will love the pigment by absorbing abundantly while others need many more passes with the machine. 

  • The experience is a little intimidating the first session because everything is new and unfamiliar. The most important thing to keep in mind is that it is a two step process. Usually clients go home loving their new look and feeling so beautiful. By day two to three scabs may begin to appear....normal.

  •  By day four or five scabs will begin to flake off and the brows may look as though they have totally disappeared. Don't panic! Its completely normal.

  • After the dead skin sloughs off, over the next few days the color will begin to resurface maybe with some absent spots. During the second session those spots will be filled.

  • The healing is USUALY much quicker after the second session

  • You will not be able to wear makeup near or on the area being treated, for three full days.

  • Photos of the type of look you are trying to achieve are very helpful. They give an idea of your personal style.

  • Come with a list of questions. The more info the better.

  • Remember to be patient, it takes a good 6 weeks to reach the full final healed result. The area will go through a complete transformation during that time.

  • Lip procedures- its very important to let the technician know if you have ever had a cold sore (Herpes Simplex). You will need to premedicate to eliminate the possibilities of an outbreak.

  • To prolong all added color, stay out of the sun, since it can fade the pigment. Avoid putting exfoliants (like retinol and glycolic acid) near your brows Anything that promotes cell turn over will speed up the fading process.

  • Remember every artist has their own style and every client has their own idea of what they think looks, and makes them feel beautiful. There is no one way of looking. The world would not look good in a one style fits all world of eyebrows.

  • I can't speak for other artist, I can only tell you about myself and my style. My work tends to lean to a more natural look. I find following the natural bone structure as closely as possible yields the best outcome. My work tends to look soft and natural. Although I do have clients that prefer a more dramatic look and I am able to accommodate them too. After clear communication we can reach an understanding that will create an appealing result. 

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