Sharing my experience

December 3, 2020

My very first blog.

I have been in this business for the past 21 years! Hard to believe how time goes by so quickly. I remember my very first eyeliner, imagine that, tattooing your very first eyeliner. It was extremely scary and exciting . I wanted to provide my client with the best possible experience and outcome.

I had already a professional license in cosmetology since 1981, permanent cosmetics was just a new avenue for me to explore. Something new and really different from hair. I was probably one of the few first in our area.

Working on the mainline during the 80's and most of my career had given me such a wonderful perspective on the importance of looking good and feeling good. It was like a scaled down version of LA. Super fun and colorful in so many ways.

January 14,2021 I would like to shar some of my experience and expertise regarding the service I provide.  I have learned so much during these past 20 years. About the importance of personalities, perspectives, points of view. During the consultation it is important to get inside the clients head. My thoughts desires and what I find appealing is my own and therefore so is that of the client. One step I think is very helpful is to have the client come in with their makeup on, how they are used to seeing themselves, what they think is attractive. Even if that doesn't become the agreed end result I still think this is helpful to create the best plan for your clients best possible outcome.